Money Back Promise

We're real guys not a robot, so if we are not able to supply the factory-set code, we will clearly explain why and offer options on how to proceed. And we promise to refund you less 95p which we have to retain to cover the payment processing fee.


We aim to reply within 1 hour Monday-Friday, a little longer evenings & weekends. Most codes are £7.95 (£14.95 for Audi, Skoda, VW, Nissan & Jaguar) for a personal service. We're proud to have helped customers even when the car dealership was stumped, and at a much lower cost.


To counter our response dropping into your spambox, we routinely send copies from two different email servers. But if you've not heard from us within 4 hours, please send an alternative email address to admin[at]

we decode all versions of the Bosch 7 612 sat-nav fitted to Ford. Also Visteon radios (V serial numbers ie. V071685)
all models including Alpine (TC1AA, TQ1AA), Continental (TVPQ, TQN), Panasonic (TM), Harman/Becker (T00BE)
Becker Sat-Nav in LAND ROVER
Becker Traffic Pro Sat-Nav inc BE4765 factory fitted to the DISCOVERY & FREELANDER
Vintage Radios
Working on a vintage or Classic Car restoration? We can assist you on PCB tag-coded radios including BMW/Alpine CM5903, CM5905 & CM5907, Blaupunkt Boston SQR49 & Malibu CR42, and Jaguar/Clarion PU-9252A
Renault CARMINAT Sat-Nav
we decode the Becker-made sat-nav, and radios by Philips, Blaupunkt & VDO

Car Radio Codes from the serial number

Our Radio Codes Service is Safe, Personal and Helps You Cut Through the Confusion
There are several Instant radio code recovery services online and that's fine if you know exactly what to do and what numbers to use. Our service is staffed by a real person who checks the details you send through and is on hand to help if you hit any issues. We usually get back to you well within an hour, and our prices are still every bit as competitive as the robot sites.


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Some models cannot be decoded online, and you can waste time and money trying to find someone to do it 'quick and easy'. We'll save you the frustration by simply being honest with you, and in those situations we tell you your options rather than leave you desperately trawling around the Internet.

The higher profile online radio decoders are generally trustworthy but that's not always the case with some others, so be wary. Also, we strongly recommend to avoid downloading software that promises to work out your code - these little apps often carry a virus and don't do what they claim. It simply isn't worth the risk.

InCar Technology Help, Advice & History

Here's a video tutorial on setting up the type of equaliser built into many car stereo units. I use a spectrum analyser to show how the frequency curve changes. I have also retained some content from the old MMSA website, along with magazine articles I penned, as some may still find it helpful:

A history of car radio in the UK
Car Audio System Primer with links to articles on speakers, subwoofers & more
The First Russian Autosound Nationals (Moscow, 1998)