Money Back Promise

We're a personal service from real guys not a robot, so if we're not able to supply the factory-set code for your unit, we will clearly explain why and offer some options on how to proceed. And we promise to refund you less 95p which we have to charge to cover the non-refundable payment processing fee.


We aim to respond within 1 hour Monday-Friday, a little longer in evenings and weekends. Most codes are just £7.95 (£14.95 for Audi, Skoda, VW, Nissan & Jaguar) for a personal service. We're proud we've helped customers even when the car dealership was stumped.


We always respond to paid requests, but sometimes our responses are lost by spam filtering on the customer's mailbox. We routinely send copies from two different email servers, but if you've not heard from us within 12 hours, please send us an alternative email address to admin[at]


This independent website gives guidance on removing car radios from vehicles.

   Radio Code Advice (FAQ)
   Hard-Coded Radios (soldered PCB tags)
   Philips 22RC200/35/65 (Citroen/Peugeot)
   Mercedes Becker APS30 Removal
   Mercedes Alpine CM2396 & CM2294

InCar Technology Help & Advice

Here's a video tutorial on setting up the type of equaliser built into many car stereo units. I use a spectrum analyser to show how the frequency curve changes.
I have also retained some content from the old MMSA website as some may still find it useful:

A history of car radio in the UK
Car Audio System Primer with links to pages on speakers, subwoofers & more.