Our Nissan Radio Code Service

Our service is personal, not automated, so if you are not sure which numbers to give, provide us with all you see on the outside of the casing and we will check them for you.


Codes for Nissan factory-fitted radios and Sat-Navs require additional time to supply (depending on the time of the request but within 2-12hrs Monday-Friday) as most of these codes cannot be 'calculated' and are obtained from a Nissan partner. It also means that the cost is a little higher than our standard price, at £14.95.


We personally acknowledge your request (NOT an auto-responder) and usually succeed in responding by email with your code within 2-12 hours.


After submitting the form, you will be forwarded to our payments page. Note that your request will not be actioned until payment is received. Our service is inexpensive but it is not free. We aim to give a good service to paying customers, with the assurance of our money-back guarantee: If we are not able to supply the factory-set code for your unit, we promise to refund you less 95p to cover our payment processing fee.

What Customers Have Said

You are a star! Thank you so much - for the price of a pint and a burger I am back in the land of normality! (Russell Bushell, Connect Sat-Nav in Nissan Note N-TEC )

WOW! It really worked - after being without my SAT-NAV/Radio for two weeks and wasting money on several auto decoding sites, I didn't actually believe it would. Thanks Kevin. (Duane Peters, Nissan Connect in Qashqai)

Kevin, I love you! The code works... And now I can listen to music again after 4 weeks and 1000 miles! (Kate Gregory, Clarion PN-2424M in Nissan Almera)

I do appreciate your brilliant service as advertised, good communication and fast delivery. Highly recommended to others. (Harry Mog, Connect Sat-Nav in Nissan Note)

What to Send Us: Nissan factory-fitted radios & sat-navs

If you have Nissan's CONNECT sat-nav system then there are extra details we need, easily obtained from the screen. You should NOT need to extract the unit from the dashboard. When this system needs a code and has temporarily 'locked' you out because of 3 wrong entries, you should see a "system locked" message on screen and a box containing a 'device number', 'serial number' and 'Date'. You may need to force it to show this information by deliberately entering several wrong codes. We require all this information, plus the vehicle's VIN and registered owner's name. Sat-Nav codes are available only for Nissan vehicles registered in the UK. If you're not sure and have already removed the unit, send us the information from the casing and we will respond and run you through what to do to bring up the other info.

For Nissan CD/radios apart from the sat-nav units, we will require the radio's Part Number, Serial Number and the vehicle's VIN. To find the Part and Serial numbers you will need to pull the radio from the dashboard to read them from its chassis - this will be on a printed label or engraved on the metal case. Some of the units can be extracted using 'keys' - if this is the case with yours, you will see small slots each side of the faciaplate. Don't be tempted to remove the radio another way or force it as you may damage the surrounding trim. The keys make it very easy - you can find them in motoring stores or online (there are 2 or 3 types so ensure you buy the correct ones).


Other Nissan units (those in the later versions of the Note, for example) are extracted by first prising off screw trim-covers and then unscrewing two or more screws, allowing the radio to then be released and pulled out.


This independent website provides useful guidance on how to remove car radios and sat-nav units from vehicles.

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